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Tools4Name - is the ultimate service for creating business names, nicknames, domains, baby names etc. It combines a set of powerful name creation tools with extensive databases to generate the ideal name for any purpose. What kind of names can you create with our service? Any: business company names, brand names, product names, project names, domain names and so on. Good tool for branding and naming!

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How to choose a company name or what is the Name Generator?

Tools4Name service uses unique algorithms to generate random words (domain names, names, nicks, passwords etc.), which mechanism is based on syntactical rules of the certain language. This has great advantage over other systems and allows to increase the probability of «cute name» generation.

The main Advantages:

  • large number of languages with specific rules
  • you can choose various randomization modes for certain language
  • automatic word verification in various domain zones (over 70)

For additional details see the pop-up tip which opens when moving cursor over the question mark.

Keep in mind!
It is very important to use Template option correctly. This option specifies generated words structure. For instance, to generate your company name (or your nick name, or domain name) which begins with «sen» and ends with «j» you should choose a Template like this: sen???j. As a result you'll see senersj, sendesj, sendioj... Although use Symbols option to eliminate unwanted symbols.

Name generator

A name generator is a program that uses language rules or word combining techniques to generate a list of names. Name generators are sometimes created with specific uses in mind ranging from marketing professionals who may use the generated names to brainstorm brandable product name ideas; through to people seeking an unusual baby or pet name.

About Brand

The stamps were originally developed as signs of possession: name, term, design, a symbol. Nevertheless, today it is what they do for the people that a lot more questions as they reflect and engage them, how they define their aspirations and enable them to do more. Strong brands can manage and success in the competitive financial markets, and even the organization's most valuable assets. Powerful brand - it is a unique brand and a unique indeed come a good brand will help you generato our brands and names.

According to marketing is branding seek to develop or join the brand experience behind expectations, creating the impression that the brand associated with a product or service has certain qualities or characteristics that make it special or unique. A brand image can be developed for identification "personality" or a "link" in the way of product or service, in which the identity or "brand image" in the minds of consumers. A brand is one of the most valuable elements in the advertising theme. Understandably, think of the beautiful and original picture is much simpler, so that our words generator (which is easy to generate a beautiful brand) will help you come to your excellent name a logo! Art establishing and maintaining brand name management brand.

Brand equity measures the total value of the brand to brand owner, and reflects the degree of brand franchise. The term brand often used interchangeably with "brand", although it is more properly used to refer specifically written or spoken language elements of the brand. The cost of the brand depends on many factors, but the most important one - is originality, proiznositelnost, memorability: all this will help you generate our service. In this context, "brand" is a kind of a trademark, if only mark identifies a trademark owner, a commercial source of the goods or services. A brand owner may apply for the protection of property rights in connection with the brand through the registration of the trademark.

Brand management is the application of marketing techniques to a specific product, product line or brand. See marketing brand as an implied promise that the level of quality people expect from that brand will continue in the future purchase of the same product. I think it is already understood that our service will help you greatly simplify the process the name of your company, nedeemsya that the generator will help you to answer the question "What should I name the company." This could lead to an increase in sales, making compared with competing products more favorable. It could also enable producers to charge more for the product. Cost is determined by the amount of profit the brand they pose to the manufacturer. This is the result of a combination of increasing sales and higher prices.

A good brand should:

  • be protected by law
  • be easy to pronounce
  • be easy to remember
  • be easy to recognize
  • draw attention
  • suggest product benefits (for example: Easy-Off), or suggest the use of
  • invite the company or product image
  • differentiate product positioning relative to the competition.


Trademark or mark or label is the hallmark of type or rate, which is used by an individual, business organization or other entity, to define clearly the source of their products and / or services to consumers and distinguish its products or services from those of other organizations. A trademark is a type of intellectual property, and typically includes name, a word or phrase, logo, symbol, design, picture, or a combination of these elements. Chief attribute is a beautiful brand name that can be generated by us. There are also a number of non-traditional trademarks including labels, which do not fall into these categories standard.

Password (password generator)

Password is a form of authentication data, which is used to control access to the resource. Password kept secret from those who are not allowed access, and those who wish to gain access, checked whether they know your password, and are issued or denied access, respectively. The use of passwords has its roots in ancient times. Generate a password is easy, it is necessary to use fnuktsiyami our service. Time to secure manner required to enter a password. It allows if known password. In the modern era, passwords are used to control access to a protected computer operating systems, mobile phones, cable TV decoders, automated teller machines (ATMs), etc. Our service will help you generate a nice and easy-Storage password. Typically, the computer User may require passwords for many purposes: at the entrance to the computer invoices, receiving electronic mail with servers, access to files, databases, networks and websites, and even reading the morning newspaper on the Internet. Use our password generator. Easy and secure password to you our program will generate just seconds.

Random password generator

A random password generator program is a software or hardware device, the input of a random or pseudo-random number generator and automatically generates a password. Random passwords can be generated manually, using simple sources of randomness as dice or coins, or they can use a computer.

Check domain free

The domain should be unique within the same zone. The full name of the domain name consists of all the areas in which it is separated by periods. Not sure how to call site? Generate a domain using the generator service domain, which immediately check whether he is engaged in all zonnah blast. A domain name is used to solve network nodes located on the Internet, and network resources (web sites, e-mail servers, network services), in a convenient form for human beings. The alternative may be a decision on the node's IP address, which is less convenient and more difficult to be understood. Think of a beautiful name for the domain name easy! Domain can be generated, if not regenerate well, then get some kind of support - it is very easy. Use a generator domain! Zone - a set of domain names of a certain level within a certain domain. For example, in the zone means all third-level domain names in that domain.

Branding with a domain name

Brands are to a large extent the ability of firms to obtain the domain name matches. If the company is building a brand name in which he is not the owner of a domain name, it may ultimately direct traffic to another site domain owners. Domain and brand - concepts are closely related. Use a generator brands, which would come beautiful domain. If it was a competitor that would be a problem. Today's advertising - big brand development is strictly limited by the availability of synch with the domain name brands. Any confusion could lead to a competitor to gain valuable Internet traffic and potential customers.

Naming (branding)

In modern language word Naming (in English: naming) is synonymous with industrial development of the title. " The new products or services, as well as companies that go into new markets, in most cases, require the original name, which will clearly identify them among the competitors, emphasize their strengths and newness, the main features, but it is not just possible future growth brand. Best intustrment for neymenig - generator words.